Dr. Rehr has authored a number of eBooks on topics related to communicating with Congress and being more effective in interacting in Washington, DC. These eBooks are free and are designed to provide insights into business practices used in interacting with government and providing leadership to nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Business Use Case: The Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) & its Promise for Higher Education

Our nation’s post COVID-19 technology: stronger business civic engagement and education for a brighter future

Trade Show Best Prices

From analog to digital television
Rehr’s first book on the largest marketing campaign in the history of television is available at He outlines how broadcasters, assorted coalitions, and government all worked together to ensure 33 million TVs continued to work after analog signals were turned off and digital broadcasting began. The Book has many practical examples of business and government working together for a positive outcome.

The measurement mandate:
How associations measure their performance

Cutting through congressional clutter –
proven ideas and tips to gain influence and be heard

How to lead better meetings and
enhance your organizational effectiveness

Creating the right association culture

8 traits of an exceptional association CEO

Diversity and inclusion: core values
among associations

Association and non-profit boards:
maximizing effective service

Association CEOs: leading through change

Dr. Rehr’s concept of state fiscal transparency was featured in a collection of essays by various co-authors, including notable economist Dr. Arthur Laffer. The book was released in September 2017.

Dr. Rehr is the author of THE CONGRESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS REPORT (3rd edition was published in December 2017), landmark research on communication methods and preferences of Congressional offices, their staff, and those working to influence them.